Tips to sell your second hand stuff on OLX and Quikr

I freely admit to acquiring a lot of gadgets that I don't really need, and sometimes don't really use either. If you keep experimenting with new gadget trends, it's bound to be a hit or miss affair. I have several hits (like my Triple-Fi 10 IEMs from Ultimate Ears that are still going strong) and a few misses including several fitness trackers. And of course, upgraditis leads to a lot of old and well-loved gadgets which have been much-used and replaced - and now it's time to find them a nice new home.

Enter OLX and Quikr who claim to be the answer to your prayers when you want to convert the second hand stuff you do not use, into money. 

I have had some experience of selling on both sites, and with a fair degree of success. Success does not only imply selling at the desired price, but also giving my gadgets a good home :)

So here is what I figured

1) For best results, post your ads on both sites

Quikr and OLX work a little differently from each other. Quikr's USP is that they will take care of the money transaction and shipping - a huge convenience to buyer and seller, and one which also opens up a huge market beyond your home city.

On OLX, in contrast, deals are locality dependant and sometimes, I have had to agree to meet halfway to close the sale (this works for me as I prefer people not coming home in any case).

I appreciate that Quikr is more oriented to selling - it forces buyers to make offers and forces sellers to either accept them or negotiate - but that can be irritating. It's natural to want to chat and ask questions sometimes before making an offer. I like that OLX facilitates this but it can lead to a lot of pointless chats that are stuck in limbo as well.

2) A detailed description is as important as a photo
While a photo and one-line description meets the bare minimum criteria to post an ad, it helps a lot if you write a longer description highlighting aspects like how much the item was used, or describing tech specs. Neither site allows you to link to external URLs, which is a limitation when posting gadgets, where you might want to point potential buyers to specs or product reviews. But remember if you are selling a phone or iPad, that there are dozens of similar products and writing a small outline, helps your ad to stand out.

3) Expect to get offers that are 30-50% less than the price you posted.

Each time I posted a product, I obviously did research on the price range for similar-aged products online. For example, the 7 year old iPad 2 sells for anything between Rs.10,000 to 15,000 on OLX so I thought that at Rs.8000 my iPad 2 should go fly.
The truth is, I was deluged with offers - to buy at Rs.3000 or Rs.4000. 

I soon figured, that there is a huge market for an old iPad but there is a gap between the buyer perceptions of the value of the product and the seller's expectations. Brand name notwithstanding, we live in an age when iPhones and tabs and even laptops are getting cheaper. I lowered my expectations but kept my product at a slight premium over buyer offers and eventually I got a price I was happy with. Remember that while this stuff is at home it has no value anyways

4) Really rare and specialist stuff is better off on a specialised forum or group

One of the products I am trying to sell is a Baratza Precisio Coffee Grinder. While Baratza has phased it out of the market, it's still a fabulous grinder to pair with literally any coffee marker, including an entry level espresso machine. It's hard to get  this product in India, let alone with 220V and ready to use. However, it is attracting spectacular levels of disinterest. Leading me to believe that I need to find a better home for it. An enthusiast group or forum might be a better bet even eBay might be better though I need to pay them.
Both sites lack visibility on Google search and on desktop and for a free listing that's certainly too much to expect. But it does limit the offers you receive.
Be sure to share what you are selling on all your social media channels and groups as well, as someone who knows you or shares your interests is more likely to buy from you.

5) A quick decision pays

Many of the buyers on OLX or Quikr are in a hurry to make a deal. I receive persistent messages to 'please reply' from people whose offer were so low, that I was not interested in replying. But sometimes, I got busy and missed  out on some genuinely attractive offers because I was in a meeting or travelling. Check your messages regularly and engage potential sellers before they end up buying elsewere.

6) Conversation is necessary before purchase
Indian buyers seem to like the human contact and reassurance of knowing who is selling the product. I find that taking the conversation offline quickly is productive, despite my reluctance to keep giving my contact details to strangers. All the buyers on both sites have so far been genuine, courteous and extremely professional, which is why I am now more willing to get on Whatsapp. You will also be able to negotiate prices better once you start speaking to each other. As much as I would love the offer and deal to be concluded through messaging alone, it does not happen that way.


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