Throwback Tuesday - Gadgets from the 70's and '80's

Unless you were born in the 70's or earlier, what I'm speaking about may be gibberish to here goes. Put your hand up if you have ever;

1) Extracted an entangled cassette from a player and repaired it by splicing. I have redeemed several precious tapes by cutting and sticking them with cellotape, in a pre-digital era when there were no music backups. 

Scotch Tape was a double meaning term in those days so you needed to specify if you were reffering to this;

Incidentally, Instructables has this neat tutorial on how to repair a cassette.

2) Rented LPs (Vinyl records) from a local library.

We used to have a large vinyl collection at home, including a number of Western Classical concerts.

We even had this (A reel to tape recorder, precursor of the digital tape recorders)

3) Played an arcade game OR a text based adventure game on a VGA monitor (Pre Color monitor era)

4) Been stranded with a corrupted floppy drive and lost data

5) Typed your school or college project on Word Perfect or Word Star (so you remember a limited set of DOS commands). 

6) Your biggest prize possession was a video game - like these - if you didn't have someone to get you a Nintendo from abroad.

7) Your second biggest prize possession was a CD Discman (a definite upgrade from a walkman)

8) You have rented and watched camera prints of movies on VHS (and you had a VHS player at home) 

9) Tandy, Commodore and ZX Spectrum were the objects of aspiration. Radio Shack and Sinclair Computers were brands that were familiar to you if you used PCs.

10) You were part of a parental debate as to whether to buy an Uptron or a BPL Color television.

11) Once you bought the television, this was what you saw on it through most of the day;

But you looked forward to seeing a better sight; 

(Gitanjali Iyer, one of the most polished newsreaders of the times)

12) You have booked an STD or ISD call instead of dialling directly

Share your fond (and frustrating!) gadget memories from the 70's and 80's


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