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Facebook Basics - Good Service, Bad Positioning!

I am adding my voice (belatedly) to the heated arguments that are being made, both for and against, Facebook's 'Free Basics' offerings via I waited before weighing in,so that I did not react from my own initial biases, and also because this gave me a chance to understand more about and what Facebook is really trying to do. So here is my stance - I believe that Free Basics is a good servicefor EVERYONE (not just poor people, or people without internet access). It may or may not motivate people to graduate to paid internet access. It can definitely help Facebook to reach out to its future user base. It's not a bad or evil service.
What I am against is the positioning that Facebook has taken with Free Basics. The strange campaign that "the freedom of the internet is under threat", which is being thrust under our noses and news feeds all the time. We are led to believe that banning Free Basics is akin to an attack on the poor, their right…