Five disappointments I faced as an owner of Hyundai i20 Elite

You will be hard pressed to find too many complaints about Hyundai i20 Elite. In fact, it's one car that garners overwhelmingly positive feedback from both owners and non-owners. I brought home my own i20 Elite Asta (petrol) a month ago and overall, I am a happy owner. What I'm doing in this post is flagging off little disappointments - things that I did not register when I signed up to buy the car, but realised after I actually started driving it daily.

1. They removed the second charging socket
One of the attractions of the top end Asta variant, was that it gave two charging sockets, like the top-end Ford Titanium Ecosport. In the current i20, they have removed the second charging port, without intimation. Yeah, call it a small thing but I am still a little pissed. 

2. It is under-powered
In 2010, I compared the Ritz and the old version of i20 and decided in favor of the Ritz because it had a better engine. My decision was right then and unfortunately it still is. On paper there is not much to choose, but I miss the power and throttle of my old car. Especially on the ghat section between Mumbai and Pune I could feel the lack.

3. No option for reversing alarm
Reversing onto a crowded Mumbai street is a nightmare. Pedestrians, animals and two-wheelers pay scant heed to you unless you nearly run them over, and that's not a good idea. I found that the reversing alarm/song/noise that's part of a third party AutoCop solution is useful as it at least warns oblivious people and they are more likely to stop or get out of the way. Hyundai has an inbuilt security system without this option. They do provide the strange one-side only reversing light that seems to be the standard feature on top end cars (but really? Who needs a one-side reversing light, and what use is it exactly, to whom?)

4. Not enough storage compartments 
As a driver I miss the front seat storage options. There is no place to keep a tissue box (in the Ritz, there was a shelf above the glove box). There is no ticket holder in the sun visor above the drivers dashboard. There is no coin holder for change. These are small things but they make a difference to the driver's convenience.

5. The boot does not lock till you move away from the car

This is a potential car jacking or theft threat. While you hold the smart key in your hand and stand around the car, the boot will stay open even if you lock the car. Move away a few feet and it will lock. There is also no option to lock the boot from outside, or open it from inside the car using a lever. By default the boot can be opened from outside while the engine is running. That's a little funny. It's also not very safe.


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