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Troubleshooter's Guide - Fixing Automatic Disconnection of Intel Wi-Fi Adapter

Google for "Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 Disconnection Problem" and you will see a slew of complaints across forums. This wireless adapter came loaded in my Dell Latitude E-Series 5450 machine and caused me a lot of trouble. Put simply, the wi-fi would disconnect everytime the laptop went into sleep or hibernation mode, and it would not re-connect without running the troubleshooter/re-setting the network adapter. A call to Dell Support did not prove helpful as they recommended reloading Windows (Thanks Dell!) Luckily I could not apply that solution because I have lost my Win 7 OEM Discs - I need to figure out how to get them replaced, and that's a different story! Anyway, coming back to the problem at hand, after reading a lot of forums, here is what solved my problem. 1. Open Device Manager from the Search Bar 2. Under Network Adapters, select the Intel Adapter AC 7625 3. Right Click and select Properties 4. The Properties Box contains several