Mumbaikars, you can now pay property tax online again!

The post I made three years ago about paying property tax online in Mumbai received a lot of comments from people who were unable to follow the steps I outlined. I gather that in between, for reasons best known to them, MCGM had discontinued this useful facility which saves at least half a precious day that would be spent locating, and standing in some arbitrary queue at the nearest BMC Office.

Now it appears that the facility to pay online has been re-introduced. And basis a mail exchange with my neighbours, I have gathered that it is working smoothly and they have successfully made their payments.

Here are the steps:

2) Locate the property tax hyperlink on the left side of the home page (circled in red below)

3) Enter your property account number (it's mentioned on your property tax bill) to login to your account. For your reference, this is a 15 digit number starting with ME

4) Your property tax details will be retrieved and displayed on the screen. You have an option to make an annual or half yearly payment, just enter the amount that you wish to pay.

5) Click online payment. Currently only internet banking (online transfer) is supported and credit/debit card payments are not possible. Feel very disappointed when you see only 4 banks supported

6) Click on Citibank and you will be taken to a page giving the name of 60 other banks. Stop feeling disappointed. (This must be MCGM's version of the Google Easter Egg). 

7) Complete your payment and download the online payment receipt which is generated.

Let me know if this works for you!

Edit : 25th August 2015 - I made the payment recently and I found out that late payment is possible, which was not earlier. Citibank payments and most private banks are supported now, in addition to public sector ones.


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