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The definitive social media guide for painful introverts

The beauty of life is that all people are created differently. Some people are naturally sociable, extroverted, self expressive and enjoy dealing with others. Such people tend to shine in social media. They naturally attract large networks of friends, engage with and befriend new people and are completely comfortable in the limelight. And there are people who are a little shy, reclusive and sensitive to share deeply personal stuff.  There may even be people who tend to avoid socialising too much, either offline or online. Perhaps they like to have large amounts of personal space, perhaps they just have quieter personalities. I fall in the latter category myself. It may sound like a contradiction in terms, but even an introvert may want to be popular in social media. They may be the late adopters and laggards, they may be more cautious and even suspicious about the security of their information, and they may struggle to understand what to do. But they may have business to run,

5 must have accessories for gadget freaks

You may spend a bomb on your gadgets, but sometimes the cheapest accessories can complement them perfectly, and enhance your usage experience. Here are my top 5 picks for accessories that I love and use daily and do not cost a bomb: 1. MX Universal Extension Box With the number of gadgets increasing, the plug points in your house cannot keep up. There are any number of 'chalu' extension boxes which are guaranteed to raise your blood pressure, as you try to keep two-pin phone charger plugs from falling out, try to jam in a three-pin plug or notice belatedly that the box  is not drawing power from the wall at all! Put your electrical woes to an end forever and treat yourself to an  MX Universal Extension Box . At just Rs. 600, it offers some fantastic features including a three pin wall connector, in-built fuse with indicator lights and no less than three 3-pin sockets - three laptops can be comfortably connected to it. Also, you can control each socket individually, as yo

Why the mobile revolution succeeded but the broadband revolution failed.

Digging around on the TRAI website, I found a  white paper  published in collaboration with CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) in 2009 - a roadmap for inclusive Broadband growth. The report projected an ambitious vision of 695 million broadband users or 214 million connections by 2014 (as each connection is accessed by multiple users), with equitable rural and urban access to broadband. In those days, broadband was defined as a non-dial up connection with a speed higher than 256 Kbps. What has been our progress against this vision? At the time of publishing the report in 2009, India had 6.8 million broadband subscribers, but approximately 50 million internet users (this would include cyber cafe, and dial-up access). Home PC penetration was under 10% and household penetration of broadband was under 3%. As per Jan 2014 TRAI data, broadband subscribers stand at 57 million. 238 million Indians have access to internet. Home PC penetration is still under 10% and home broadband

Health tracking tech is getting big, time to get on board

I've been increasingly using, and writing about health tech in the past year. And the category is truly growing - not just in terms of users, but in the sophistication of the devices, the way that data is captured and presented and the inter-connectedness of apps that use the data that is generated. Let's look at some of the most cutting edge health tech on the market in this post, and then you can decide how much you want to spend :) 1) Analytics Nike Fuel started the trend, but it has long since been outstripped by better technology. At the more conventional end of the spectrum we have the  Jawbone UP , the  Fitbit Force  and the  Withings Pulse . All of them in a range of $100-$150 depending on the specs. Essentially all of these are advanced pedometers with some ability to measure additional stats like sleep, steps climbed, and in the case of the Pulse, heart rate as well. They are great for any person with a fairly sedentary lifestyle who wants to motivate them