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Is Whatsapp replacing Yahoo Groups, Facebook and email?

Recently, I have joined no less than three alumni groups on Whatsapp. My school, college and management institute batchmates have all chosen this medium to re-connect. We initially found each other on Facebook. One batch tried to stay in touch through an email group, but it fizzled out. Finally, we chose WhatsApp as a way to stay in touch daily, and so far, this seems to be working the best. We can add upto 50 members in a group, we can share stuff and keep the conversation going. We don't have to open a site, log in or post, we just have to message, which makes the entire process so much more informal. It seems to be working really well. My mom acquired a smartphone a year ago, and she is already on a couple of WhatsApp groups. One is a spiritual/prayer group (and I know of a reiki group too). Mom, Dad and I are on a WhatsApp group too, and it's as good a way as any to stay in touch. Even more interestingly, I know a group of extremely talented artists who are collab