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How to create a screen mirroring connection between a Samsung Smart TV and the HTC One

This post and the accompanying video have been created to spare others from going through the pains that I did to achieve this! 

I recently purchased a Samsung  Smart TV (Series 5 - F5500) and one of the things that make it 'smart' is the ability to wirelessly project your mobile device screen on the TV. It's a nice way to hook up and share your pictures and videos with the family and view them without the hassle of connecting a cable. Do note that this is different from screen sharing, which is what you get with Apple TV and certain TV adapters, or even with pairing apps like YouTube's TV app, where you can stream from your mobile device to your TV while you continue browsing. What I am talking about is just a simple projection of your screen.

I wanted to connect my HTC One with the TV and this presented a slight problem. It's a simple matter to connect a Samsung Smartphone using AllShare, which is the Samsung protocol for wi-fi Direct. Connecting the HTC device req…