The best budget smartphones in 2013

So there are lots of candidates for  the best smartphone right now, but which are the best picks for a budget smartphone? In my opinion, all that is newest and glitters is not necessarily gold. Some of last year's phones are available at hefty discounts and are well worth taking a look at.

1) Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Rs.20,000)

It's more than a year old already, and it has been replaced by the LG Nexus 4, but the older 'Google phone' is still well worth buying. Samsung never launched it officially in India, but you can pick it up at Rs.20,000 or less on eBay India. With a dual core processor, Super AMOLED screen,1 GB RAM and a good battery life, it has specs that can outclass most newer phones in this price bracket. The icing on the cake - with software updates directly from Google, your phone will not be obsolete for a LONG time to come. Lots of Custom ROMs and mods for the adventurous to try as well.

Source : GSM Arena

2) Nokia Lumia 520 (Rs. 10,000)

Win 8 OS may be struggling to gain traction, but the new Lumia range has given it a fresh lease of life.  Most budget phones below Rs. 15,000 tend to be cursed with slow and laggy hardware, tiny low-res screens and tacky finish. Not so with the Lumia 520. At this price point, I doubt if you will find any phone with better build, OS stability and features. The screen, dual core 1 GHz processor and 5 MP camera are what you find on it's higher priced siblings, Lumia 620 and 720. Specially created for low-cost smartphone markets like India, there is no doubt that this beauty on a budget will find many takers.

Source : Nokia

3) iPhone 4 (Rs.20,000 with exchange scheme)

Apple has aggressively jumped into the smartphone war in India. Firstly by increasing availability through third party retailers and secondly by launching buy-back schemes, such as the one on the iPhone 4. Demand for the third-generation, three year old handset has waned in Western markets, but Apple can still juice some profit from this range in markets like India. The iPhone 4 (8 GB) is priced officially at Rs.26,500 but retailers will offer a minimum and guaranteed exchange price of Rs.7000 for your old handset. The exchange price can go up if your handset is valued higher. So you can get  the iPhone 4 for Rs.20,000 or less. It's a sweet deal, replacing the similar deal on iPhone 3GS a year back. 

At this price, an iPhone running the latest version of Apple OS is a good buy, as much as the Nexus!


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