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Cooking tech - which cookware is safe to use?

Last week, Dad came over to visit me and happened to see my non-stick cookware which is 7-plus years old, and peeling to reveal silvery metal surfaces below. "You have to replace it immediately", he warned me, adding that non-stick surfaces are suspected to release toxic chemicals, and will probably be banned or discontinued within the next 2 years.
I have heard rumors about health issues with non-stick pans but I have not taken them very seriously. Now that I had to replace all my cookware, I decided to spend  a couple of days researching options on the internet. There is a lot of confusion and many contradictory opinions as to which cookware is safe or not. I do not really know which are the reliable sources to cite. But here is my perspective, based on technical inputs from my Dad (who is an engineer), granny's wisdom, and the factual sources on the internet.
1. Start replacing or phasing out non-stick cookware
Non-stick cookware must be replaced if the surface cracks, p…

My 8 handbag gadgets : stuff I cannot live without

This post is about the gadgets that literally travel everywhere with me - the daily gadgets that stay on my person, or in my handbag, and I will feel incomplete without. It is a relatively short list because I have excluded a lot of things that travel in my rucksack - those are mostly work related and I would not carry them, say if I went shopping to a mall on a weekend. But these gadgets are my slightly worn, scuffed and much loved companions. I'd like you to meet them.

1. Fitbit Ultra

wrote about my Fitbit purchase in December and I have to say that in practice, it's working well as a constant companion and measurement device. I do not take it off even when I sleep and I am wearing it as I type. It has survived the washing machine once and has been dropped twice but recovered!

Fitbit is now graduating to a cool looking wrist band but I still find the clip-on device more unobtrusive and I can wear it on any formal or casual dress.

2. Galaxy Nexus

This was my pick for budget smar…

The best budget smartphones in 2013

So there are lots of candidates for  the best smartphone right now, but which are the best picks for a budget smartphone? In my opinion, all that is newest and glitters is not necessarily gold. Some of last year's phones are available at hefty discounts and are well worth taking a look at.

1) Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Rs.20,000)

It's more than a year old already, and it has been replaced by the LG Nexus 4, but the older 'Google phone' is still well worth buying. Samsung never launched it officially in India, but you can pick it up at Rs.20,000 or less on eBay India. With a dual core processor, Super AMOLED screen,1 GB RAM and a good battery life, it has specs that can outclass most newer phones in this price bracket. The icing on the cake - with software updates directly from Google, your phone will not be obsolete for a LONG time to come. Lots of Custom ROMs and mods for the adventurous to try as well.

2) Nokia Lumia 520 (Rs. 10,000)

Win 8 OS may be struggling to gain tractio…

Health goes digital - emerging trends in 2013

Digital health took off in a big way in 2012. Health tech accelerator Rock Health reported that investors poured $1.4 billion into digital health companies last  year, and an overall increase in the number of deals closed, as well as the value of funding. Further, healthcare purchasing tools for customers and health tracking were two of the focus areas for investment.

Technology undeniably has a huge role to play in the area of personal health, and the advent of smartphones has made it even more ubiquitous. You might have noticed the increase in the number of calorie counting or exercise monitoring apps, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. In this post, I want to highlight the latest developments and emerging trends in health tech in 2013.

1. Health goes mobile

With an estimated 40,000 health apps available across platforms, mHealth is clearly poised to become huge. Smartphones are always with us, and they usually have constant internet connectivity. This makes them ideal as trackin…