Nostalgia trip - my 30 year old model train set

I have come to visit my parents for the Diwali holidays and I was amazed and touched to see that they have still preserved many of my childhood toys (my childhood is way behind me, we are talking of toys that are 30 years old or more). Dad said hopefully that hey have antique value and we might make a fortune selling them on ebay. I don't know about that, but I know that it was priceless for me to see the Scrabble, Monopoly and Meccano sets that I grew up playing. Pat on my back as well - I clearly looked after my toys well because they are all in perfect condition.

What I was most excited to see was the model train set that Dad got me as a kid. Railway modelling was a HUGE hobby in the 70s - while the popularity has dwindled with the younger generation today, it still has some very serious and passionate fans, and dedicated online forums.

I have one model set - a Lima British Rail model set which Dad thinks we paid 20 GBP for, way back in 1978. I was delighted to find it sitting snugly in the loft. It's not in running condition - that's a little too much to expect after 30 years of neglect - but it's in pretty good shape! Here are some pictures that I could not resist taking immediately with my phone cam. I have requested a friend with a DSLR to take some good close ups when I bring my old toy back to Mumbai.

The rakes connect securely to each other with little hooks

The car carrier is one of three types of rakes included with my set

If you could peep inside the compartment, you would see beautifully moulded seats

I love the detailing with which the wheels have been moulded

The loco is really heavy and has steel wheels. Check out the close up below!

This is the electrical circuit which supplies power to the tracks. Add a 6V transformer and watch the trains zoom! I need to source this part to get my set running.


  1. Wow. Like WOW. This is seriously covet worthy. I'm just stunned by the detailing.Especially loved the double decker car carrier shot.


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