Should I buy the iPad 2 or the new iPad?

It's a question which is dated till the last stocks of iPad 2 pass out of the market, and of course, there will continue to be sales in the second hand market. But it's a question I get asked frequently, so here is the answer.

Unless you find old stocks, Apple currently only sells the 16GB iPad 2 in India, in two configurations - wi-fi only (Rs.25,000 or lesser) and wi-fi + 3G (Rs. 32,000 approximately). This is approximately Rs. 4000 less than the corresponding new iPad models. In both cases, you need to add on at least Rs. 2000 to the price to purchase a minimum screen protector/ carrying case. 

If your usage is going to be mostly browsing and you plan to do that on the sofa (ie. holding the iPad in your hands) then jump and get an iPad 2 before it's too late. Apart from the price value differential, it is also lighter, less likely to heat up and has a longer battery life - all boons for someone who reads a lot. And it will receive the iOS 6 update this month, so you do get iMaps and all the good stuff. You definitely will next year as well.

If you can afford to spend the extra money and want to do more of gaming, video calling or streaming, or use a lot of apps, get the new iPad which will offer a 8 MP camera, fantastic graphics, a hi-res retina screen and a powerful processor. Apps are getting updated or created for the new high speced iPad everyday.

To my mind, price is less of a difference in deciding the purchase than the purpose you will use it for. I have not been even remotely tempted to upgrade my iPad 2, though I eagerly look forward to the iOS 6 update.


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