The changing core purposes of devices

When I was making a post on Windows 8 earlier today, I was thinking about the core purpose of each device that I own and use.

The core purpose of my laptop is work. If I did not need to work, my iPad and smartphone would have been more than enough. 

Four years ago, the laptop served a core purpose of 'entertainment + work'. In those days, I would play games like Solitaire, Pinball and Minesweeper which came pre-loaded with Win OS, watch movies and browse the internet. All those activities have all but stopped now. I do them on the iPad instead. The core purpose of my iPad is entertainment and browsing. It is my chosen device for these activities and I have never picked up anything else

When I tried to define the core purpose of my smartphone I was surprised to see it read like this:  'to keep constantly connected through email, phone, SMS and chat and to provide some interesting ways to pass time. Should be able to do what my PC does in an emergency"

I clearly expect the most from my phone compared to other devices, in terms of the breadth of functions I desire. And it's interesting to see that this has grown so much compared to say, 5 years ago, when all I expected from the phone was calls and SMS.

What is the core purpose of the devices that you use in your life?


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