Targeting women internet users

Some time ago, I made this post about the emerging female internet user, noting that the extent and depth of women's usage of the net is growing and evolving differently from men.

Today, while reading up on tech news, a few diverse articles suggested some thoughts on how to target women users. Hint - they are almost all connected to food, eating or shopping as these areas are clearly interesting to women!

1) Catch them in the kitchen

This article on TUAW highlights the growing role of the smartphone in the kitchen to access and view recipes. 15% of all cooks have viewed a recipe video on their smartphone, while many have read blogs, redeemed coupons for food, or snapped and uploaded their meal to a social networking site.

2) Pinterest - the female dominated site

We know from multiple researches that Pinterest is a female dominated site. Why this is the case, is something we will learn more about with time as the phenomenon unfolds. It is still a relatively new concept and is rapidly attracting new members.

Interestingly, this article on ZDNet claims that Pinterest is mostly used for finding and sharing recipes followed by decorating and event planning. These are perfectly logical uses for a site which is like a giant collage board. 

3) Mobile shopping apps

Nielsen research indicates that not only is mobile shopping growing, but shoppers are interested to use mobile apps to enhance the retail/ in-shop experience. Women are especially find of extra sensory stimulation while shopping, so this trend should definitely appeal to them.


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