Speaker stands for Audioengine A5 speakers

Since I bought my Audioengine A5 speakers nearly 3 years ago, they sat on the floor of my living room. Not an ideal solution, since they were exposed to a lot of dust, and it was a non-optimal placement for the sound to shine through. Though, I have to say that they still sounded superlatively good.

Last month, I finally bit the bullet and ordered these Samson MS100 speaker stands from Bajaao.com. I notice that the price is up, because I got them at an offer rate of Rs. 3500. They came by post within a week, and since they are rather heavy, I had to pick them up personally from the post office. 

I had done some measurement and estimation to figure if they would seat my Audioengines or whether I would have to upgrade to a heavier and more expensive pair of stands. But the Samson MS100 stands work perfectly. Here's a couple of shots:

The second picture should give you an idea of how the speakers mount. There are side clamps which you need to tighten. The speaker stands have no base, just a cross bar, and initially I was very worried that the speakers would not balance on it and would topple off. However they are extremely stable thanks to the super-heavy base. I tested pushing the stands several times and the speakers stay firmly in position.

The stands work perfectly for the A5s and I have noticed the change in sound once I mounted them. I feel I have lost a bit of bass (but most of it was boom) but they are sounding airier and have a wider soundstage than earlier.


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