Nothing beats filter coffee :)

I have come full circle since I blogged in May about my new home espresso set up, and later about my acquisition of a Capresso grinder. After the daily joys of grinding beans and cleaning the espresso grinds and wiping the machine, shall we say that my enthusiasm has waned a little?

Yesterday I found some  old Mysore Concerns coffee powder and I primed up my stainless steel Madras filter to make some home style filter coffee. I tasted fresh brewed filter coffee after ages and it was simply divine paired with fresh boiled milk. It did not matter that the coffee powder was nearly a month old and stale beyond measure by espresso standards. I admired the versatility and simplicity of our traditional method of coffee brewing. It is gentle on the coffee and extracts without torturing the bean. You get a flavorful cup that is especially tasty with thick fresh milk. 

I enjoy brewing my cappucino's and espresso's but my filter coffee still holds a special place in my heart. I doubt I will be throwing out my coffee filter any time soon. It's also a fantastic non-electric back up in a country where power goes on the blink every now and then. 

Oh, and my Capresso Grinder will not grind anywhere near fine enough for filter coffee. Looks like Mysore Concerns will continue to enjoy my patronage for a bit longer.


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