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Home espresso on a budget in India

In my first month of starting this blog, I did a post about  gorgeous espresso machines which are as much joy to look at as the product they create - the perfect, crema-flecked black and gold shot of joe. I wrote then, that my coffee equipment consisted of a Rs. 200 Madras stainless steel coffee filter and the very decent coffee powder from Mysore Concerns and till today, that's what I have been content with.

The world of Coffee love is a perilous one for penny counting geeks to hang out in. Many years ago, I defected from high-end audio forums to portable headphone forums because it seemed that no half decent home sound system set up could cost less than $4000 and nothing less than tube amps would do. Whereas at least with headphones, I had a hope of getting something within $100 that sounded OK to most people. Coffee geeks induce a similar inferiority complex in me. The very first thing I need to have is a $300 prosumer coffee grinder and it's fine if I only use it to brew …