How to increase partition size of C (System) Drive in Win 7

I am back to blogging after a long gap!

This post is based on my practical experience (Read : struggle) with partitions in my new Windows 7 PC. Windows 7 provides a disk management tool which makes it very easy to create new partitions. You simply go to Control Panel/ System and Security/ Create and Format HD Partitions and you get a window which lets you  easily and intuitively create partitions.

So creating partitions is easy. The problem starts when you later decide that you want to increase the partition size of C Drive. There is an option called Extend Volume but it shows up greyed out and it cannot be used. So you are stuck with lots of extra free space elsewhere and you can't use it on C Drive. What do you  do?

At this stage, you need  to get a third party software to help you. I used EaseUS Partition Manager which is a great freeware tool. Ten  minutes and one boot up and my C drive volume got extended.

Here are the steps:

1) Backup your data!

2) Download the partition manager and fire it up.

 To extend the C Drive, you first need to make free space available next to it. So click on the drive with extra space (in my case D Drive) and select the option to resize/ move partition. You should get this window:

Use the slider to select the amount of space that you want to free up for your C Drive and click on OK, then Apply. You should be able to see the free space available next to C Drive.

3) Next, select the C Drive  and the option to merge partitions. You should see this window;

Tick the boxes next to C Drive and the contiguous space that you want to merge. Click OK and then click Apply

4) The software will ask you to reboot your machine. Merging of the two drives happens during the reboot.

When your machine starts up again, your C Drive volume will be extended.


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