Picking up my iPad 2 tomorrow

I  pre-booked my Apple iPad 2  at Croma last week and I will be picking it up tomorrow as fresh stock came in over the weekend. It has been refreshing to see Apple launch a new product in India on schedule and not after 1 year as their norm has been in the past.

Got a black 32 GB 3G-enabled model. I plan to use this as a netbook substitute and carry it with me when I travel out of station, which I do quite often. I do not plan to do my office work on it though. 3G seemed a logical choice as I do not see any extensive Wi Max coverage in India right now. I still need to select an operator and I will be figuring that out in the weeks ahead.

Oh, and in case you are curious, this is my first Apple product ever. I sprang for it after demo-ing the new iPad and finding it really fast thanks to the dual core processor. Also, I frankly don't see Android tablets catching up with the iPad for another 1-2 years, in terms of the range and variety of apps available. In the meantime, I want to enjoy the tablet experience. Apple has also sweetened the deal for me by not pricing the product too steeply in India.

 I am looking forward to playing with it, and of course, I will be blogging about it in the weeks to come!


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