My Wi-fi nightmares

Since the past 3 months, I have been facing a problem. I connect to the internet on my laptop through a Linksys wi-fi router, and at least twice a day, I face connectivity issues. Either I just cannot find my wi-fi network, or my laptop automatically disconnects. Using a standard procedure to troubleshoot a wi-fi connection, I tried moving my router closer to the living room where I access the net. And then I tried to change the channel on which my router connects. In order to do this, I downloaded inSSIDer from Metageek. InSSIDer is a software that uses your wi-fi card to scan and display all the wireless networks in your vicinty, and also maps the signal strength of each network. You can use the information to choose a less congested channel for your router.

But I was in for an unpleasant surprise. The picture says it all
First of all, there are no less than 25 APs (access points) or wireless connections. 95% of these are Tikona wireless connections - there is a Tikona wireless access point on top of my building. The Tikona routers show up under the name 'ruckus' - an appropriate name, considering that they are generating all the wi-fi noise and disturbance. And it is these Tikona routers that are hogging literally all the bands from 6 to 11. I switched to 1 after the scan - you can see my router in red (Nisha Linksys) but even 1 is not interference free.

Seems that our wi-fi networks are getting extremely crowded. I now have a choice to either switch back to internet through LAN (not a choice really) or to get a more powerful router. I doubt if my connection can hold its own against the plethora of ruckus-causing Ruckus routers that Tikona has put out in my building.

If you face problems with wi-fi connectivity, do download this tool and run the scan. The results may surprise you.

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