More information about Notion Ink's Adam Tablet

A month ago, I had blogged about Notion Ink's Adam Tablet. A lot of action has happened since then, if you've been following Rohan Shravan's blog. The Adam has gone on global pre-order, and basically been a sell out. There have been glitches with the online ordering system, some criticism around the high shipping fees and apprehensions about buying a tablet that no one has yet seen in action. But Notion Ink will finally display the tablet at CES 2010 and that should answer a lot of questions that are currently floating around. The people who have pre-ordered will receive their tablets in the second week of January 2011.

About the pre-order sales, DNA reports Shravan saying that they are split 60-40 between Europe and USA. No one from India has bought this device? That's a shame, considering the starting price is barely Rs. 15,000.

As launch date nears, Shravan has been sharing more and more info about the Adam, and this interview with Android Police answers a lot of questions. Some of the interesting points for me were;

1) The Adam has its own custom UI called Eden, designed by Notion Ink, which Shravan claims will be extremely responsive. Notion Ink will bundle two multi-touch keyboards, which have been tested to produce fewer errors while typing. The UI will also capitalise on the speedy Nvidia Tegra 2 processor to provide smooth multi-tasking.
2) The Adam will not have access to the Android Marketplace (so you can't download either free or paid Android Apps). Shravan claims that the reason for this is that only Android 3 (Honeycomb) will be optimised for tablet displays. Till then, Android and the world of Android apps, will not work on the Adam's 10 inch display.

3) However, the Adam comes pre-loaded with a variety of apps including a complete office suite, email app, browser, e-book reader and several other standard functionalities, presumably all designed by Notion Ink and their partners.

 4) The Adam ships with an option of two displays - the standard LCD display will not run out of stock, but the yet to be mass produced PixelQi display is likely to be in shortage in the future. According to me, PixelQi is one of the cutting edge technologies that makes this device a worthwhile investment.

I am waiting for a video demo which Rohan Shravan promised to post today, to get more dope on the Adam. It is definitely on my 'to buy' list. But as I said in an earlier post, I need to see functionality for a tablet in my life before I shell out cash. I think the Adam is one of the most promising candidates in the tablet space today, and I hope it lives up to my expectations!


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