review of netconnect broadband 2010

I have been using Reliance Net Connect Broadband since the last 5 months and I am in a fair position to give a review of the services. So here goes:

1. Activation : Was extremely prompt and smooth. Happened within 24 hours from the nearest Reliance World customer service center.

2. Customer Service : Easy to reach, technical service team calls back to troubleshoot. There are regular call reminders to pay the bill (which is irritating but also necessary sometimes).

3. Billing : This is one of my main irritants. You can opt either for bill through e-mail or hard copy. That is either/or. Not both. I need a physical bill for my tax purposes and I cannot see why they can't email me the bill too. It would not cost them anything!

4. Connection : It is reliable (I nearly always get a good signal) but not fast. 3.1 mbps is a pipe dream. I test the speed regularly using Speedtest and I have never gotten more than 500 kbps. In fact, the speed averages 250 kbps. Since that still qualifies as broadband, I am not complaining

5. Payment : Is easy through online gateway but I find that it is very difficult to register on their site. The password setting mechanism is autocratic (insisting on a fixed sequence of Caps/ alphanumeric). It's exactly the sort of password I would forget and I have forgotten it. There seems no way to retrieve it without telling Reliance what I had registered as my pet's name (I have forgotten - don't have a pet) and so I am locked out of my own account. IRRITATING

6. Tariff plans and pricing : I frankly find it expensive and the tariff plans as per Reliance philosophy focus on collecting a minimum monthly revenue per user. Not really economical for an occassional user like me.

When 3G comes in, if I get a good plan with tethering (allowing me to use the phone as a modem), I would probably ditch this. My Samsung Wave has the ability to function as a wireless access point for upto 5 devices so I would actually be able to surf with a 3G connection on my laptop without needing a wire.


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