Why I bought a Samsung Wave

Here's a confession - I have never spent more than Rs. 10,000 on a phone (excluding exchange price on the old handset). Not because I don't believe that high end phones are worth it, but because of my priorities in life. My job requires me to almost constantly work on a laptop, so I would rather put extra money into a high-powered ultraportable. And my first love is music, so I would rather spend on a dedicated MP3 player and 'phones which will give me years of listening pleasure.

The new generation of smartphones have upped my cellphone budget, because with their capabilities they are  mini-computers and fairly serious contenders for a netbook replacement.

And so I have replaced my Nokia E63 with the Samsung Wave.  

My reason for purchase? It's fantastic value for money in terms of specs offered at the price!

The expected price of iPhone 4 in India is at least Rs. 35,000 and the price of most comparable Android powered smartphones is Rs. 28,000 +, including Samsung's own flagship Galaxy S. The Samsung Wave offers equivalent hardware at Rs. 18,000. CNet has already reported that the iPhone 4 and Samsung use similar processing core (both are manufactured by Samsung).

I am aware that this price comparison will not hold in countries other than India where phones are sold on contract.

Here is a full comparison of specs of the iPhone 4 and Samsung Wave from the Samsung Mobile Innovator site

I have to admit though,  that the sticking point was the bada OS (or more precisely, the lack of apps developed for the OS, especially compared to the thousands of apps available for iPhone and Android phones). But I believe that bada is a serious attempt at a smartphone OS by Samsung and the bada app store should grow with time. I have blogged earlier about Samsung's vision for bada;

"The vision of bada is smartphone for everyone. bada's main goal is not to compete with existing smartphone platforms. Instead, bada will turn Samsung's conventional customers into smartphone users by providing cost-effective smartphones. This means that bada will open and extend a new smartphone market which does not exist in the current mobile market"

That's a pretty clear vision and I am ready to live with it for a couple of years at least to see what Samsung comes up with. Meanwhile, Android will become more stable and better, and hopefully, the hardware would become cheaper too!

I definitely intend to post about my experience with Samsung Wave, so do stay tuned if you are interested in buying one.

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