Steering wheel spinner

My dad is not going to approve of this post because he does not believe in driving with one hand and this is about an invention that is designed to let you do just that.

I recently saw one of these in an acquaintances car and I thought I should blog about it. It's called a suicide knob or a steering wheel spinner and as the hotrodgirl entertainingly puts it "The steering wheel spinner was popular back in the 50's so you could drive with one hand and wrap the other around that special someone!" 

Historically, in pre-power steering days, suicide knobs became popular as a fashion accessory in cars where they were used to turn and accelerate at the same time, making the tires spin. But they were basically used on trucks and forklifts for frequent sharp turns  

On a more serious note, they are also used by disabled drivers as an aide. 

A suicide knob looks like this (image from

 And if you google a bit, you can find it in many attractive colors and sizes

I have not seen so many of these in India and to the best of my knowledge they are not illegal in the country. I think they make an interesting and retro auto accessory.

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