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So, it's finally time for me to replace my desktop. And as I expected, I have opted for a second laptop instead of a desktop this time round.

The key reasons are
1) Space, space, space : It has been such a relief to see a clean desk surface once I got rid of my old PC. I am fed up of seeing a clutter of wires and daily cleaning the LCD monitor and CPU which are  such gigantic dust magnets!

2) While laptop prices have really crashed, PC prices have not. And the options are far fewer. I have been doing my shopping around for the following specs - iCore 3/ 4 GB RAM/320-500 GB HDD, and I find barely Rs. 5000-7000 difference in PC and laptop prices. For the small premium, I would rather get the portability of a laptop which can also be used as a backup in an emergency in case my primary laptop fails.

3) Servicing a PC is a nightmare. You need to negotiate with the engineer to come at a time which suits you (and my Dad takes his CPU to the service centre, on their demand). With a laptop, a three year cover will take care of  onsite service for the life of the laptop.

Also I noted that bulky is expensive nowadays :) a 16 or 17 inch laptop touted as a desktop replacement goes upto Rs. 60000-70000. Of course it would also come fully loaded with dedicated GPU, extra RAM etc. But it's the 14 inch or 15 inch laptops which hit the sweet spot in terms of price now, varying from Rs.28000-350000. This is a very respectable and serious performance alternative to a PC.


  1. Your analysis is to the point and very relevant. Keep them coming.

    Would appreciate a review of good cameras.


  2. thanks for dropping by Sathya :) Keep coming back! I am not a camera expert, but a review of entry level digicams is definitely on the cards.


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