Dell Reseller vs. Dell online store

It's been more than a month since my last post and I think I have been having withdrawal symptoms :)
No real reason for not posting since so long. First I got 'flu and then there was too much work - the usual suspects.

Anyway to get back to business, this post was about my comparison of buying from the Dell re-seller vs. Dell online. I was chatting with the Dell re-seller at Croma in Mumbai and gathered the following information.

1) The Dell reseller will sell to you at the exact price quoted on the website, plus delivery charges. If you order directly from Dell, VAT/CST and Octroi will be added to the price, depending on where in India you're at.

2) The Dell re-seller is not authorised to give any additional discounts on this price, whereas Dell online representatives may do so (if you pressurise them cleverly enough). This includes discounts on the laptop/PC, waiving of Octroi charges as well as accessories like batteries and additional services like Complete Cover and extended warranty, that you might purchase from Dell.

3) Resellers are  only authorised to sell certain models, some of them exclusive to resellers and others, which are available both with the re-seller and online. The Inspiron series, Dell Mini (netbook) and the Studio XPS ranges are available through re-sellers.

4) Once you order from a re-seller, the process is identical to ordering from Dell. Even the order is placed through Dell and credit card payments are through their IVR system. Delivery time is also the same. You do not get any EMI scheme/ financing from a re-seller, not even through Croma.

So what is my verdict? Go to a re-seller to experience the model (especially keyboard and touchpad comfort). And take a quotation from both re-seller and the Dell online site before you decide.  If you are keen on getting the best price. Dell still offers the best specs at the lowest price and it's worth the trouble to compare before buying!


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