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The back-end beneficiaries of the smartphone boom

It's not just HTC, Motorola and Apple who are benefitting from the smartphone boom. The manufacturers of the components that go into these phones are also reaping the profits, big time.

Gigaom had this interesting post about Corning (I still have  Corning glass baking dishes!) which now manufactures the hardened 'Gorilla Glass' used in smartphones. Gorilla Glass is a super-strong and light LCD Glass which is ideal for touch interfaces of phones. It marries hard and scratch resistant properties of milk bottles with the lightness of LCD Glass. It is apparently being used by 200 smartphones including iPhone (the biggest customer), Motorola Droid and Samsung Ultra Touch. And there are so many more takers that Corning is being forced to ramp up their production facilities to meet the burgeoning demand. Barely 2 years since it launched Gorilla Glass in 2008, Corning expects to cross 1 Billion USD in revenues from the product next year.

Samsung has flagged off the huge demand for…