Luxury cellphones

Here are some of the cellphones that most of us will never buy, but you can bet your sweet life some celebrity somewhere (maybe even in Bollywood) will. No talk about (possibly non-existent) specs, let's just roll our eyes at the images.

1. GoldVish, Geneva
These Swiss luxury phones are well...bejewelled.

The Goldvish Revolution with a built in watch movement. I can't confirm but apparently it is priced at approximately 50000 USD or Rs. 22 lakhs

And the Goldvish Le Million touted as the most expensive mobile phone in the world - it actually costs slightly more than a million dollars.

And finally, the slightly more normal looking Goldvish Illusion, which you can buy if you prefer, in yellow gold, with a crocodile leather back inlay, and several choices of colors

If you really crave this, the Google search throws up some Chinese sites offering cheap replicas starting at 2000 dollars.

2) TAG Heur Meridist
The Swiss engineered phone comes in at a relatively modest 7000 USD (Rs. 3.2 Lakh)
(image from MobileMag)

You have a choice of rubber, alligator skin or calfskin for the back cover

A limited edition launched earlier this year gave you a choice of a Lamborghini logo (image from engadget)

3) Vertu
The latest from Nokia;s high-end stable is the USD 7500 Constellation Ayksta which is a flip phone. Images below are from Gear Diary

Vertu also has a Signature collection in its exclusive store in Japan. At approximately USD 210,000 (Rs. ten lakhs each), the signature collection has a phone for each season.

In case you are anxious about specs, I should assure you that all these phones have bluetooth, MP3 player and calendar, and also show the time. Some may have cameras. But like all luxury phones, the spec list is pretty thin.


  1. even if we got to own one of these ultra-luxury phones,i wonder whether we wear a silk glove to hold it...who would insure these phones?

  2. LOL..I think they are owned by the kind of people who would simply walk out and buy another :)incidentally someone is also offering a USD 20000 diamond studded iPhone 4, well at least that would have some good specs for the price paid!

  3. Well, You can find a lots of luxury phones which you can choose from this list. Goldvish Le Million is too luxurious and expensive phone, it's more useful than other phones.

    luxury phones

  4. Hi,
    Marvelous Blog, there are many luxury cellphone that you can used it. mobile phones that have built in cameras are my favorite because they can capture those special moments and events ….. not like have to so expensive, but thanx for sharing with us.


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