Remember to ask for a discount on Dell accessories

Dell has done it again. Given me 40% off on the price of a replacement battery for my laptop, just because I asked.

It  is virtually impossible to order Dell accessories online in India and I gave up after a 1 hour search. Instead I dialled the (non-toll-free) number to Bangalore and resigned myself  to the 10 minute wait time to be connected to the right person. The only good thing, is that at the end of the wait, your work does get done efficiently.

Dell quoted the cost of a replacement battery for my XPS 1330 at Rs. 9000. I pointed out that aftermarket replacements are retailing for as low as Rs. 3000 in the market. The Dell rep promised to check (which took 5 minutes) and came back to me with a revised cost of around Rs.5000, which I took. Thereafter, the replacement battery was delivered to me within 3 working days.

I've said it before and I will say it again, it pays to ask boldly for discounts when dealing with Dell, whether buying new equipment or accessories. I have experienced this no less than 4 times now, when buying products for myself or for friends and each time I have gotten a benefit of at least Rs. 4000 on the listed price.


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