Geek toys for your kids!

Anyone who has read my previous post on geek gear will realise that I drool over the stuff at ThinkGeek. Luckily shipping prices to India are untenable, else I would have bought out most of their store by now. This post is to look at  their fantastic collection of geek toys. Just the thing you should be buying for your kids in a digital age. These are my personal favs but you (and your kid) may have your own opinion. Read on...

1) Illuminated Jet Bib Feeding System

This one cracked me up totally, both concept and write up; 'for the flight into the gaping baby maw!' Red wing tip lights on the airplane shaped spoon draw your toddlers attention while the motion-activated LED lights on the runway bib light up to guide your planeload of babyfood to a safe landing. Well nothing is guaranteed really, when you land on a moving runway!

2) Newbie T-Shirt
Dad or mom in IT? Want your toddler to follow in your footsteps? You need to get him/ her this newbie shirt. Seriously, it's the cutest thing I've seen. Anyway, they will make you wear it before long. They're not gonna remain newbies forever you know.

3) Yoda Backpack

I belong to the Star Wars generation and I owned and broke a lightsaber in the '70s to prove it. So this Yoda backpack makes me very happy. Geeklings need to know their geek history and Yoda sure is part of it. The backpack is tiny and looks as though the little Jedi master is hanging over your shoulder. Seriously cute. For some strange reason, in the customer action shots posted on the sites, only adults have sent in photos of themselves wearing it. Either the kids didn't dig Yoda, or they just wanted to keep it for themselves. Or geeks are really just kids (they really are) Whatever.

4) Baby's First MP3 Player

The name says it all. And being a kids' version, their is parental volume control and a speaker instead of earphones. But I think it's optimistic to expect, as ThinkGeek does, that this will keep kids away from your iPhone. Why should they?

5) Super Mario Chess Set
When Super Mario Brothers meets chess, it looks like this

I realise that there is a lot of nostalgia for me personally in this post. This was my geek childhood and I would love for kids today to get it. Would it be relevant for them? Let's just say that its preferable to Hannah Montana.


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