Blackberry OS 6 preview

In the flurry of tech press news surrounding Android and the launch of iPhone OS 4.0, Blackberry coverage has been a little low key. But in late April, the company released videos of its new Bold 9800 running the BB OS 6.0, which it claims will be a significant upgrade over the OS 5.0.

Pictures of the phone from The Berry Fix reveal a pretty cool looking device, a slider with a virtual QWERTY keyboard in addition to the regular keypad and trackpad.

Bonny Cha reports on Crave that OS 6.0 will feature the new, improved, faster WebKit browser with support for tabbed browsing. In addition, it will have new interfaces, graphics and animations.

RIM has always had a reputation for reliable push email support making it a logical corporate choice. But in an era when iPhone and Android powered smartphones bring in more apps and powerful processors to run them on, clearly RIM recognises that this alone cannot remain a competitive advantage for them.
The device is expected to come to launch in June in USA. No word yet on an India release date or price, but it should be coming here pretty soon for sure.


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