Nokia Messaging service - free in India

Ads in the newspapers over the weekend have announced that Nokia's Push Email (messaging) service will be free of charge on E-Series phones (E 71, E 72 and E 63) for the entire lifetime of the phone. It is not clear whether this service will be free of charge on other Nokia handsets or only the Enterprise phones.

Nokia Messaging service was launched last year and offered a viable option to RIM Blackberry's push mail services. The service has been free of cost till launch but it was generally expected that Nokia would charge for it by early 2010.

Blackberry users in India subscribe to data plans ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs 900  to utilise the push mail client and internet on the go. Last month, I had blogged about Airtels 2 GB GPRS plan for Rs. 99, which I have activated on my Nokia E63. Effectively, I get email on the go for Rs. 100 a month.

Having used the Nokia Messaging service for nearly 6 months now, I can testify that it is reliable and trouble-free. I am of course happy that Nokia has decided to make it free. With the cost of E63 now dropping below  Rs. 10,000, push email will now be accessible to the masses and not just the corporate/ enterprise user.

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