ICEing my Ritz ;)

Recently I bought a new Maruti Ritz and I have been checking out for some time for a good music system.

For the HU (Head Unit) I wanted a player with connectivity through SD Card, USB stick and Aux (Cable In) and I did not mind if it did not have a CD player! Since most of my music is in a digital format today, the CD player is fairly irrelevant.

Surprisingly I found that there are very few models in the market offering SD Card + USB connectivity and they are made by Pioneer.

I have installed the Pioneer DEH - 4290 SD

I bought this from Poona Motors (Pune Cantt. East Street) after inquiring in vain at several Mumbai shops for such a device and finding that they had not heard  of them. Poona Motors stocks a good range of audio gear and I was pretty impressed.

If you are looking for a similar unit, bargain to get it in the range of Rs. 8000 or lower. It is worthwhile to spend a little extra for the alternate connectivity options. I predict that soon we will not be listening to CDs any more. It is certainly ages since I burned any music onto CDs though  I carry some lossless files in my MP3 player.

Anyway, coming back to ICE (In Car Entertainment), options for speakers were limited for me as I used up most of my budget on the Head Unit.

I opted for Pioneer speakers. The Ritz has all 4 door mounted speakers and I chose to use this option rather than mount a parcel tray in the rear that would take up boot space. I know, it is not audiophile nirvana, but at a budget of Rs. 13000, I have my limits :)

I installed 4 -way speakers in the front and 2-way in the rear. As I am always the driver (and usually the sole occupant) of my car, rear speakers are not relevant. Maybe later, I will look at an amp or even a sub.

But for now,  I am happy with this option which is giving me great sound in the front of the car :) And including installation it all came in at Rs. 14000.

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