Haryana has the fastest average broadband speed in India :)

Comes as a bit of a surprise?

According to Watblog, Akamai's State of the Internet Report (Q4, 2009), ranks Haryana as having the fastest average connection speed among Indian states (1103 kbps) followed by Kerala with average speed of 1015 kbps. I wonder why. Possibly, most broadband connnections in both states are BSNL, therefore average speeds are high. In cities like Mumbai and Delhi, unlimited 'high-speed' plans (averaging 256 kbps or even less) offered by private operators might push down the average speeds. And of course where there is more competition, all operators try to offer lower speed unlimited plans.

Incidentally, average broadband speed in India is 768 Kbps. Hopefully next year, we at least cross 1 mbps.


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