Groovy colored small cars

I have been noticing some really nice shades in small cars available in India today. The purpose of this post is to celebrate and showcase the colors that I think are awesome. Leaving aside debate on specs for the present!

1) Chevy Beat.
The shades of the Beat have to be some of the sexiest that I have seen. Coupled with the racy build, this is one of the best looking cars in the B segment. Here are my two fave colors from the Chevy Beat website (Cocktail Green and Moroccan Blue)

2) Fiat Grande Punto

Italian styling sticks out a mile above the crowd, and according to me, the Punto looks best dressed in the classic shades - Exotica Red and Bossa Nova White. Interesting, because I would generally say that these are common colors. But they work brilliantly for the Punto, especially in the rear view of the car (which is not available on their website).

3) Ford Figo
The Squeeze is the best shade on the Figo. Here is the image courtesy GeekRide
(Yes, it looks very much like the Cocktail Green Chevy Beat!)


4) Maruti Ritz

I may have a bit of a bias here as a ritz owner, but there are 2 shades of the Ritz that I really like. they are unusual and have a two-tone/ light-shade effect that really complements this rather strange looking car. Check out Baker's Chocolate and Racing Green as featured on the Maruti Ritz Blog

5) Tata Nano

This indigeneous budget car offers some very sunny cheerful shades that make its compact mouse-shaped body look extremely cute. The following images are from the Nano Website. My color picks here are Sunshine Yellow and Racing Red

Write in if you have any favorite colors that I have missed!


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