Dell Studio 15 with Colorware

I have blogged earlier about Colorware, the site which does a cool paint job on your gadgets. They have the new Dell Studio 15 in the house.

The Studio 15 is a powerful laptop, with iCore processor options, 500 GB HDD and 4 GB+ RAM and a 1 GB GPU. It's a pretty cool machine for anyone who works in Photoshop, AI or even video editing software.

Dell already offers a pile of aesthetic designer options to make your Studio 15 look cool. To name just a couple;

There is the Mike Ming design series (which is my personal favorite)

And there is this nail polish inspired look in collaboration with OPI which I suppose is meant to appeal to women (I am still getting used to it though)

But now that Colorware has got their claws into the Studio, I am quite smitten.

I created the two color combinations above, using the Colorware palate. I am just having some fun, but I think this color option for gadgets is dangerous. I mean, it can get addictive. Even if it costs just USD  400 to have this kind of makeover :) Just.


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