Cellphone Global market shares 2009

Engadget posted the latest global marketshare of leading cellphone manufacturers and it looks like this

Once again, the findings are a salutary reminder that what the tech world drools about in no way reflects the cold reality of market shares. The huge gulf between the 2 global leaders (Nokia, Samsung) and the rest of the market, tells its own tale. The big news of course is Motorola's slump in sales. Motorola is now trying to rebuild its handset business around Google's Android platform.

A smaller and equally salutary surprise is that the much-hyped HTC does not figure in the top 10 either.

As an aside, when Nokia announced last year that it was cutting its smartphone offerings, there was consternation among a lot of geeks. After all, this is the company doing great stuff like N900 and Maemo Linux, which apparently is a way better OS than Symbian.But Engadget reported that the company will launch only one tablet/ Maemo device in 2010.

Nokia's strength has always been the cheaper/ value for money smart phones which drive their cellphone share. And it remains to be seen how they choose to compete in the year ahead with RIM and Apple.

And I'm curious how this chart will look by end 2010. Any guesses anyone?


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