Browser Wars

Ars Technica reports the world market shares of browsers in 2010.

According to the site, despite being the market default, Internet Explorer's share of market continues to decline, Chrome is the fastest growing while Firefox is also showing steady growth.

As a personal observation, my days of loyalty to a single browser are over. I use Firefox a lot of the time, and Chrome increasingly with Google sites including YouTube and Gmail, because it just loads so much quicker. I notice that with flash-heavy content, Firefox hogs a huge amount of system memory. This is not the case with either IE or Chrome.

The only loser in this is Opera. I remember the early days Opera came out (the days of Dial-up internet) how good I thought it was. It's a pity its not been able to keep up share and keep up a user base. But let's see how it does now, with the mobile platform also being available for browsers.

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