Alienware M11X gaming laptop range in India

Dell has launched the new Alienware range of gaming laptops in India. They will be available through resellers and not through the website. I have not been able to get any information on pricing in India (in the US it is in the $799-1799 range). But it is safe to assume that in India the range will retail between Rs. 60000 and Rs. 100000, judging by past pricing strategy for Alienware.

Anyway, I am making this post to drool again over this gorgeous range and especially the Alienware M11x. Just to drool you understand, no other motive.

Yeah. It's beautiful and the specs are not bad either.

The 11 inch laptop comes with a SU7300 (1.73 Gig) processor, 500 GB HDD and 1 GB NVidia GPU for gaming. Apart from a slightly underpowered processor, this rig will give you a decent gaming performance balanced against light weight and optimised battery life.

The 15 inch (M15x) is another beast altogether, with ICore processor options, 1 GB Nvidia GPU and upto 8 GB of memory. This one is a heavy and powerful number. Unless you're a REALLY serious gamer, the 11 inch might well serve the purpose for you, while giving you a better battery life.

The 17 inch will probably retail at Rs. 1 lakh plus. It offers the option of  ICore or quad processor, starting HDD capacity of 640 GB and it weighs more than 5 KG! That basically makes it a mobile desktop and not a laptop.

Anyone getting a fix on prices, do drop me a line. Meanwhile, I will just drool some more.


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