Airtel App Store

Launched in Feb 2010, Airtel's App Store has apparently been doing brisk business among the 120 million Airtel customers across the country

Airtel has reported some interesting facts about the download pattern from the app store in this press release

• Most people who download from the app store have basic phones (priced less than Rs. 5000) and not    smartphones
• Smaller metros, like Surat, Pune, Udaipur are ahead of big cities in downloading apps
• Social Networking and Utility Apps are most popular

I tried the app store myself and found it pretty fast and easy to use. The Airtel App Store can only be accessed from your GPRS enabled handset and not from the Web. Upto 25% of the 1500+ apps on the site are free to download.

Airtel plans to open up the App store to the developer community, allowing them to create and market more apps.

If you have  tried App Store and have any favorite apps, do let me know and I will be happy to feature them in this space!


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