Y'all, get some colorware!

Engadget did a post on the IPad with ColorWare treatment yesterday. According to the site, for $410 dollars extra, you could get an IPad which looks like this;

 (image from engadget website)

 The colorware IPad page lets you check out infinite color combinations, customising the body, logo and button, and offers a choice of gloss or softouch finish.

There are options to add a lick of paint to other gadgets too.

(Blackberry Bold 9000) : Image from the Colorware website

There are more girly options as well

But you can go pyschedelic if you wish....

And I can't really blame the Engadget guys for being  a tad upset over what Colorware can do to the Nintendo DSi;

But the Nook posted on Engadget looks pretty cool...

Engadget regularly reviews colorware products, some a little too bright, others which work kinda well.

On its website, Colorware describes itself as 'an industry leader in altering the color of existing products', thereby 'creating a statement in fashion and individuality that fills a high-demand niche market.'

I do see the point, though I personally could not afford to shell out extra dollars for the colors. The tech inside a product has always excited me more than the looks, and I get nervous when there are too many color options because I can never make up my mind. But I'm sure these things will find their fans. I'm leaving you with a few more images from the Colorware website. You decide if you love this or not.


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