It's official - USB Pen Drive Survived the washing machine

Yesterday, I found my new 4 GB Kingston Pen Drive in the washing machine. Probably it was in a pocket of my jeans and it fell out into the tub. It had gone through the entire wash/rinse cycle for nearly an hour without the protective cap. I had no hope that it would still work, but it does.

This was not a shock resistant or waterproof or bullet proof pen drive like the IronKey Personal featured in PCMag just an ordinary thumb drive costing Rs. 400.

While I am happy that my flash drive is indestructible, the incident has raised new doubts in my mind. Should I kid myself that my washing machine is really working? I was mildly surprised to see that Kasperky Internet Security detected a virus on the pendrive - are you telling me that the turbo cleaning could not even get rid of that???


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