Warranty return for Seagate Drives in India

If you are a Seagate customer in India and want to make a return under warranty, you should read this post.

Recently, I had to return a Seagate External Hard Drive (500 GB) under warranty, purchased for office back up. The device broke down within 3 months of purchase, which was enough to annoy me. Plus, I had already dumped 40 GB of data onto the drive, which I would have to now transfer again.  You can guess that I was not a very happy camper at this point.

I set out to browse the Seagate website, figuring that warranty return information should be pretty easy to obtain. It was not. the India warranties page told me nothing.

Shouldn't the website mention somewhere that Accel Frontline services Seagate warranty claims? I knew this only because I had already visited one of their service centres in another city to get my Sony cellphone repaired, and seen the queues of customers with defective hard drives.

So I got the address, figured the working hours and went there to return the drive.

Only after I reached the office I figured that to return a Seagate product under warranty, you need to compulsorily first register on this site http://myservice.accelwms.in and obtain a complaint number before coming to the service centre

Nor was this information known to several unhappy customers who were turned away on the spot for not completing this step.

Because I am polite, persistent, or plain lucky, the front desk staff accepted my product and filled the online registration form themselves.

I think that Seagate should display this important piece of information prominently on their India warranty support page. This small improvement in their website, would be a giant step towards better customer service.


  1. Have you informed Seagate to include this information in their website? I hope it is not the policy of seagate to keep the customers in the dark.

  2. customers dont need to panic it is the duty of the retailer to replace your hdd. the retailers know the whole process of getting the warranty.
    i have 20 seagete hdd only two of them died after 4years and the drive was 40gb and they gave me 80gb hdd in return only seagate gives the warranty of 5years and samsung drives and service is rubbish. u lost your data it may happen when u dont use ups for power backup due to voltage fluctuation the data may me lost some time or hdd can die

  3. Hi, thanks for your comment. I completely agree with you in my experience that Seagate replaced the product promptly. My comment was more on the fact that warranty return info for India was not clearly displayed. Croma also directed me to the Seagate service center and did not take responsibility for the RMA.
    My drive dying in 3 months was a freak case. I have used portable drives without encountering any problem.
    Thanks for dropping by, and keep reading!

  4. thank you
    first time my hdd failed and i needed this


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