Home Audio solution for MP3 music - Audioengine A5 speakers

Today, by default, most of our music is in MP3 format, either high or low bitrate. The purists will flog formats like OGG and FLAC, and still greater purists will only listen to CDs, but the fact remains that most of us have ripped our music and transferred it to our MP3 players, cell phones, or PCs. And ideally, we would like to play it from our input source, for greatest convenience.

For people who love their music, I highly recommend the Audioengine A5 bookshelf speakers. I have owned a pair for 2 years and they take my MP3 music and totally rock it. Reviews like this one on audioholics.com on the Net justly praise these beautifully finished, beautiful sounding speakers. While they are designed to be attached to your PC, like me, you can place them as separate units, and directly plug in your MP3 player. Audioengine separately sells a Wi-Fi adaptor, which lets you stream your music wirelessly to the speakers.

The Audioengines pair beautifully with IPods, and with my Cowon D2. My love for them is because they deliver near-audiophile quality, even with basic MP3 music. And you don't have to spend a bomb and accumulate a pile of equipment (like an amp and receiver), which also occupy too much space in a small flat.

The Audioengine A5s are available in India on the Bajaao website and retail at Rs. 19,000 in India. The Bajaao website also separately lists the Audioengine AS8 subwoofer which you can pair with these speakers. Currently they are on sale at Rs.15000 which is a total steal for a sub, but unless you are a real basshead you can do without them, especially if you have a small room.

If you want a home solution for your MP3 music, look no further than these beauties.


  1. Hi Friend I ve been looking for a good bookshelf for sometime now. I ve heard great things about A5. However some people have also stated some reliability and overheating issues with. Since you have them can you let me know if you have faced any. Thanks

  2. Hi, sorry for the delay in responding to this comment. I have never had a problem with the A5. But placement is critical. They need a good solid base or the bass can be a little too booming. Unlike most bookshelves you cannot just keep them anywhere. Ideally you would need to mount them on proper stands.
    Thanks for reading and commenting!


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