Java Geeks, this one's for you!

If you're like me and love your cup of coffee, coffeegeek is the place to hang out. The site features consumer/ prosumer reviews of  truly mouthwatering equipment - espresso machines, grinders, roasters and tampers. I regularly spend some time drooling around here, but unfortunately none of these machines are available in India except a few very high end ones for commercial use. And given weight and size, shipping cost from abroad would prove uneconomical.

So here is my equipment dream list:

1) The Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder featured on Wholelattelove which is another place where I spend a lot of time drooling. Coffee lovers will tell you that grinding your beans fresh is even more critical to a great cup than having an expensive machine, and the Rocky is a well respected semi-pro grinder. You can read the reviews here.

2) The Francis Francis! X5 Espresso machine (featured here from Wholelattelove). It is beautifully engineered and makes great espresso according to the reviews on Coffeegeek. And I love the funky way it looks.

3) Just for fun, the Expobar Athenea (featured here from Wholelattelove), for its retro looks.

and finally, the gorgeous Gaggia Achille, which is a manual espresso machine.

 How do I brew my coffee today? In a Madras  Style stainless steel coffee filter, and I buy my coffee powder from Mysore Concerns in Matunga. I never spend more than Rs. 200 per month and I still make one of the best coffees I know. But of course, give me some of the toys featured here and I could do even better.....


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