I got a feeling somebody's watching me....

In March last year, I purchased two LG Air Conditioners for my home office set up. Till March this year, I got 3 free services from LG. Now that the warranty/ service contract is expiring, I am beginning to get calls on my mobile from various service providers, offering me an Annual Maintenance Contract at reduced rates.

It is of course good to have options, but I wonder, how do so many different people know that I have 2 airconditioners, that my contract with LG is expiring, and who gave them my mobile number?

My contact details as a customer are registered at just 2 places - Vijay Sales (from whom I bought the ACs) and LG Customer Care. Who is responsible for the leak? My number has been passed to so many field engineers, maybe one of them has forwarded this information to a service agency? Or has the information leaked directly from LG?

Database leaks are becoming more common in India. JustDial recently sued Askme.in for content theft. And in the past, Travelocity had filed an FIR against Cleartrip for obtaining their proprietary information.

It just worries me a little when I think of how many people have my number and the snippets of information that each of them know - what car I drive, how many ACs and laptops I have, which brand of TV, which internet connection etc. etc. And then all the financial information (income, investments) which is out there with each of the banks I have applied to for car loans or home loans. If anyone puts all of this together, think of what a good profiling they could get of my spending power as a customer. Not a pleasant thought.


  1. True, Its scary indeed. I got a new telephone no recently & as soon as I called just dial for some information, I started getting some random advertising messages. Its disgusting and an unpleasant truth of our times.


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