Buy the MTNL Router, just buy it!

It's one of those rare cases where the advice on the Internet did not serve my best interest.

So, I took an MTNL connection in January and following general popular advice, I decided to 'invest' in my own router. I called my computer supplier and he recommended Linksys. Strongly. So strongly that I should have suspected something. I paid out Rs. 3500 for Linksys WAG54G2.

I soon realised my mistake. That damn router refuses to 'talk' to my Dell laptop. Depending on its mood, it has to be switched on and switched off repeatedly until it condescends to connect. I have checked every setting on the router home page, I have upgraded the firmware, I have read tonnes of stuff about routers and I am still stuck with no option but to bicker with my supplier in the hope that he will take it back.

The whole issue of routers is so complicated, it just bypasses my modest knowledge of technology. I mean, the Net is flooded with complaints by people who can't get their routers to work. It is across brands, models, service providers.

The ultimate indignity is that MTNL sells routers of unknown brands for just Rs. 1800 and they work perfectly well. In fact, there are days when I can connect to my neighbours MTNL routers through several walls but never to my own Linksys monster.

We had a DLink wi-fi router in office and it worked slightly better, except that it has a very short range, so you had to be in the same room to access it.

I am now considering swallowing my geek pride and begging MTNL to sell me a DNA-A212, which unfailingly connects with my laptop all the time. Even if it is in another apartment.

Moral of the story : Don't understand routers, then don't buy your own. Buy what the internet service provider offers. At least, it will work.


  1. After reading your post suddenly I'm feeing very grateful to my DNA A212 which was just a familiar jumble of alpha numerals. It wouldn't be a bad idea to start reading your blog :) I'm technologically challenged and when I read your posts- I 'get it'. Finally. Your blog will hopefully stop me from making an ass of myself among my many geeky friends!


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