Ada Lovelace Day - celebrating women in technology

I am late to the party with this but Ada Lovelace Day was celebrated on 24 March 2010 to commemorate the achievements of women in the tech sector.  The website asks people to pledge to blog on this day about women in science or technology whom they admire.

Ada was apparently the world's first computer programmer, way back in 1844, and a computer language is also named after her. It amused me to learn that she was Lord Byron's daughter. For entirely personal reasons, I love the combination of poet and techie....

(Image Source : Wikipedia)

For more information on women techies check out The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Website.


  1. Wow! who would have thought - computers in the 18th century and the 1st programme ever written- by a woman! Not that I have any biases about women and technology, general opinion & statistics influence me I guess... Trust you to dig this out :)

  2. Ada was a high level programming language and promoted by US defence in the 80s. It is a natural english like free flowing language with strong type associations; even a novice programmer or user can understand the structure. Of course, laying down the logic and detailing the conditions are in the domain of techies.
    The US defence then insisted that all software programmable equipments purchased by them must support Ada; I don't know what is the position now.
    Ada is the daughter of the English poet, Lord Byron.


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